What is the SPT?


Our passion for everything 2 wheels lead us to create MKS MOTOKICKS and to develop our proprietary Patented reinforcement , the "Skid Plate Technologies", aka "SPT".

MKS and the SPT is the results of years of riding motorcycles, BMX, jeski, mountain bikes... and countless miles of walking around race tracks all over the world.


Years of work and many different designs along the way evolved into today's SPT we fit in our MKS shoes.

Simple and functional, it give you the extra protection and comfort to live the lifestyle we evolve in.

The SPT is a very thin full length Rubberized Thermosetting Polymer plate inserted under the insole.

Not visible from the naked eye, It add protection and support to the bottom of your feet, and still retain a conventional plush flexible and gripy out sole.

Sharp rocks, foot pegs, pedals, impacts, are tremendously reduce by the MKS SPT.

When in rough terrain,  riding motorcycle, packing a gate or bicycling, the SPT job is to dissipate impacts coming from under the foot and transforms our casual looking shoes into a comfortable work horse capable of taking serious abuse. It's really a Skid plate for your feet!

The SPT its what truly make MKS a "MOTOKICKS"! 

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