MKS Family 

We, at MOTOKICKS, understand riding and the riding community.

Greg "Frenchie" Pamart, owner and creator of MKS, is on his 35th racing season. He rides pretty much any types of bicycles and motorcycle, street, dirt,new, old, big or small... and fully understand the cost associated with riding.

So MKS wants to give back to the riding community, and not only by giving out deals to riders, but to add you to the "MotoKicks Family". 

So on top of different discount levels we offer,we do FREE fun ride days, training session for our racers, support at different events, and more!

All you have to do is to support us so we can support you!

   Email us your information at, along with a quick overview of what you are about and lets get you in the MKS Family!


World headquarters:

MKS Motokicks LLC,

625 Benjamin Franklin Hwy, Birdsboro PA 19508 USA

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